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Information Regarding PICS International Website Design Service:

PICS International has been designing websites since 1996.  What distinguishes PICS design from other website designers – is that PICS has always combined “website  marketing” with “website design”.  This means that when PICS builds a website – they build the website to be found on their customers most important keyword searches withing the top search engines like Google and Yahoo/Bing.  Often a website designer will focus only on design only (it looks good, but can’t be found very well, or at all).

In the range of “Good” and “Better” – Our PICS websites cost between $3,000 and $6,000*.

The “Good” websites PICS designs have the “basics” down pat.  They cost $3,000 (or via our “Monthly Design Service” option are $999 down, and $99 a month with Credit/Debit card required for monthly payments).  Due to the lower design budget we don’t get to have as much time to spend on the graphical appeal and SEO (search engine optimization) as we do on a “Better” websites – but these are certainly good looking and “SEO Ready” websites.

If we are allowed to do the best we can do for a customer – we prefer to design for our customers a “better” performing (and looking) website that is fully “responsive” (meaning the website “automatically resizes” for proper and greater visual appeal on mobile or smart phones, tablets, and regular computer screens.  PICS “Better” websites are built with SEO (Search Engine Marketing) front and center.  They also work hand in hand with current Google Plus (G+) and Google “organic” optimization efforts.

As business website design experts – we feel that your new website MUST satisfy a visitor that you are credible and can be trusted.  Web visitors should be impressed enough to stop searching on Google – and then decide to call or fill out a request form for you to contact them.  In your new website – all of your services, benefits, and credibility associations should be plainly and clearly shown.  If someone finds you after hours on Google – most of their basic questions can be answered by your website – saving you from having to tell them (or sell them) again the following morning.  In a nutshell – PICS “Better” designed websites convert more visitors into phone calls, more website “contact form” submissions, and most importantly – more sales.  A “better” website is designed from the outset to pay for itself from web visitor leads. It should also make your current customers comfortable to use it to communicate with you (the web form could indicate they want to schedule a service and need you to contact them for an available time).

PICS “Better” type of website design is priced at $6,000 one time cost.  We offer a pay-for-service monthly option called a “Monthly Design Service” which costs $1,499 down and $149 per month (for as long as you hold the service).  The “Monthly Design Service” includes ongoing enhancements to the website, monthly website hosting, Google Analytics (visitor reports emailed to you once per month), and continual database maintenance.

If budget allows, most PICS customers choose the “Better” option. This is the best website we can design. It is also the best value and best performing option we offer (and with the new “Monthly Design Service option – more affordable than our lump sum payment option).

Below are a number of websites we have completed in the last year or so.


















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