Google Sends Us Customers

One of the perks of becoming a Google Partner is that Google has now begun to send us new customers.  And while only just the beginning, it does show that a company like Google has a lot of confidence in PICS International.

PICS has managed Adwords accounts since 2000

PICS has been managing Google Adwords accounts since 2000 – that’s almost a full 16 years.  However, we only became Google Partners last year.  Why such a long wait?  The honest answer is that we really didn’t think we needed it.  Since Google started in 1999, we have looked for ways to have our customers benefit from ranking high on Google – and most of those ways did not include paying Google.  However, with all the changes over the last few years – most companies now have to consider some kind of Adwords (aka “Pay Per Click” or Search Engine Marketing) strategy if they want to seriously compete.

We still look at Google as “the enemy” (sorry Google)

What we mean here, is that we guard our customers money (from Google) like it was our own money.  And if you do no know what you are doing in Adwords (aka “Pay Per Click”) you will enrich “the enemy” and impoverish your business.  We all know Google is a wealthy company – however we don’t want Google getting wealthier at our customers expense!.

“Dave! Google’s on line two!”

Our relationship with Google also means we currently have two Mountain View, CA Google employees assigned to our company and they are ready to help us (including flying out to meet with our customers, if needed) with any kind of issue relating to helping our customers get more business.  Google is a data driven company and they know that PICS has brought millions of dollars of business to them since 2000 …and so PICS is pleased as punch to add another happy customer via the Partners “new client” referral program.  We intend to do everything we can to insure this new customer succeeds on Google advertising and we could not be happier that such a blossoming relationship exits

…even if it’s with “the enemy” 🙂

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